1- Unlimited flow of ideas and amount-of-the-box mind

2- Always get your work done in time, or even before the deadline

3- Achieve the maximum quality of work with minimum payment 

4- Always keep an open eye on all the worldwide design trends

5- I am a creative, solutions focused, detail-oriented design professional with a strong work ethic. Translating a client’s goals and objectives into compelling marketing messages is what I do best.

6- I have a strong understanding of visual design sense with clean typography, print, and illustration.

7- I have an outstanding portfolio demonstrating love for and understanding of many forms of design.

8- I have expert knowledge of computer-generated graphics programs, including but not limited to: InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Acrobat Professional, PowerPoint, Microsoft Office.

9- I even have some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. Not much, but enough to fiddle with websites such as WordPress etc.

10- Finally, I am open-minded and love to receive constructive feedback because it’s the only way I can grow to be a better designer.

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