Tools needed for logo design, design on paper or digital

The steps of logo design are divided into three parts by the designer. The first part is the study, the second part is the initial etude, and the third part is the software implementation. Now, for the designer to pass these three steps with reasonable quality and good practical speed, he needs the tools we will mention in this article. It may not be possible to get all these tools at the beginning, but you will need them as you continue to work and are on the verge of becoming a professional. You can use similar examples. The quality of the tools you need varies from step to step. Here we can refer to the top products in this field, and you are free to choose lower-cost products depending on your expertise from the experience of experts. In the following, read the full article with Roserang.

Before the tool
Of course, what makes a designer successful is not the tools. Not only graphic designers but all those who enter the field of art need to know that before starting, having creative ideas, a lot of studies, and a lot of perseverance and practice is essential. But the existence of tools and facilities to perform the work is also one of the artist’s requirements.

No one can be designed simply with a creative idea and enough willpower. Having the best software and hardware facilities do not work alone. Therefore, it is necessary to know before starting work that the existence of awareness and tools are complementary.

The two issues are different: with a little idea and study, but unlimited possibilities can not produce a fantastic logo, while limited options and pure ideas can shine in this area.

In the following, we will tell you about the tools needed for logo design, which are necessary for drawing on paper and in digital format. We have tried introducing professional and first-class products, but keep this in mind.

You can move as much as your financial budget and with the help of consulting experts in this field and have the right choices for your position.

Tools needed to design a logo on paper
You may be wondering what you need to draw on paper despite digital design and different applications.

Drawing on paper is recommended for both beginners and professional designers. Just as clothing and car designers worldwide first put their ideas on paper, it is suitable for designers to bring their original designs and sketches to paper.

Drawing early etudes on your paper cultivates the mind and new and creative ideas. To draw on paper, you need the essential tools that we will mention below.

With a little idea and study but unlimited possibilities, you can not produce a fantastic logo, while with limited possibilities and pure ideas, you can shine in this field.

Drawing pencil
The first and simplest tool you need for a paper logo design is a pencil. Of course, you can not use a pen to design a logo because it does not allow the designer to modify and edit the design.

The best pencil for ironing is HB design pencils, which are divided into different types according to their thickness. The smaller the number, the narrower the pen and the more colourful its colour. In contrast, the designer needs lighter pencils such as 6B and 5B for etching.

Since choosing the right drawing pencil is very important, along with drawing pencils, there are many drawing tools that are very useful.

Today, professional logo designers recommend the best drawing pencil is the STAEDTLER MARS TECHNICO 2MM Etude pencil. These mottoes are not difficult to prepare. If you go to good stationery or follow through the internet, you can get this efficient pencil.

According to the latest opinions collected from professors and graphic designers, this tip pencil is currently the best pencil for designing a logo on paper.

Drawing on paper cultivates many ideas in the mind of the designer.

It can be said that the main tools needed for logo design are paper. There is a wide variety of papers to design that can be used according to the needs of designers. But among the existing papers, the use of checkered papers is more common because it guides the designer well due to its lines.

Small squares of paper allow the designer to observe the proportions. Observing the right proportions and dimensions ultimately dramatically increases the design accuracy, and the implemented design is closer to the designer’s mental idea. This makes it easier for the designer to decide on the final logo.

Pencil sharpener
On one of the sites, I read about the tools needed by designers. Dear author, they emphasized that you only need paper and pencil to design a logo on paper. They also insisted that HB drawing pencils were the best pencil to help you. I immediately said to myself, I remember not to design you a way without cutting.

A pencil sharpener is one of the most important tools. Sharpening and sharpening the pencil or the tip of the pencil will ruin your design. There are different types of chips, but the best type of chips are pointer chips, which you can hardly find. You can use other sharp chips as an alternative.

There is another important issue regarding sharpening, and that is shaving the tip of the Etude pencil. Finally, nib pencils become thick after a little use and need to be shaved.

In these cases, we recommend designing abrasives. Drawing abrasives help you both sharpen the tip of the pencil and soften and feed the pencil.

You are probably saying to yourself that you forgot like the pure author. In this regard, it is necessary to know that the absence of a cleaner is not so important.

It is better for the designer to implement the ideas of his mind on paper in the first step without any restrictions or editing. When designing the initial drawings, whatever the designer avoids clearing and censoring his thoughts and imagination is in favour of the logo that is to come out of those papers.

It can be said that cleaner is not only useless but also harmful for the designer, especially the novice designer. As a result, it is better if it is not around. But eventually, when you use paper and pencil, your path also reaches the clear.

For this purpose, it is better to use paste cleaners or graphite cleaners.

These cleaners do not put too much pressure on the paper due to their high flexibility, and as a result, they do not tear your design paper. At the same time, they have a very high cleaning power and completely eliminate the effects of the pencil.

Compasses, rulers, conveyors and stencils are some of the accessories that organize your logo.

Another tool needed by graphic designers is the ruler. The rulers have a duty to establish justice and order in their design. Justice to maintain balance and proportion in designs and order to draw straight lines. As you know, there are different rulers in the market. We suggest using metal rulers. Be careful not to choose a large ruler as you will be a little annoyed when transporting paper. Small rulers give you more maneuverability.

Conveyor, stencil and…
There are times when your logo does not need equal circles and lines but needs equal angles. In these cases, the conveyor will help you and move your work forward. Templates also allow you to draw multiple uniform images in no time.

Necessary tools for digital design
As a result, it is necessary and helpful to design the logo or the initial design of those items. But then we are going to answer the question, what tools do we need for digital logo design?

iMac / MacBook
Processing speed in computer systems is the most important issue for graphic designers. Because they use several softwares at the same time. The faster the computer system, the easier it is to use. The high speed of the system makes the designer get tired later and spends most of his energy on paying for the idea.

It does not matter if the system you are using is a PC or a Mac because most software is built for both platforms, But the Mac Apple’s background in graphic design has made it an ideal choice due to its great operating system and built-in support.

But the choice between a desktop system (iMac) or a laptop (MacBook Pro / Air) is entirely up to you. If you travel a lot and want to carry your tools with you while travelling, choose Apple laptops, but if you sit behind your desk most of the time, the iMac is a better option for you.

Adobe Creative Cloud
Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign are must-haves in the Designer Toolbox.

Designers must use these programs to turn their ideas and designs into the presentable designs. The only problem is that you can no longer buy the latest version of these programs, designers have to buy a subscription fee for each software $ 25 a month or buy a subscription fee.

Adobe subscriptions are about $ 50 per month. It is a more cost-effective choice for subscriber purchasing designers. There is another option for designers called Adobe Stock Images, which is worth about $ 75 per month. Of course, this is possible for users outside of Iran. Users living in Iran just need to get a software package from the latest version of Adobe Creative Cloud and start designing.

DSLR camera
Continuing to examine the tools required for logo design, it should be said that professional graphic designers have raw materials and food firsthand. New and special textures are often taken from lived experiences by their own photography. Given these issues, having a good quality camera is essential for documenting ideas and gathering basic information.

A special offer for experts to get started and choose a quality DSLR is the Canon EOS Rebel T5 camera, which is also reasonably priced with an 18-55mm lens. By providing this camera, you can have 18-megapixel images for a reasonable fee.

Professional graphic designers have raw materials and food firsthand. New and special textures are often framed themselves.

Pen-Tablet is one of the new tools for entering information into the computer, which has attracted the attention of many users after the keyboard and mouse, and has evolved into an optical pen and is better equipped than a mouse.

Pen-Tablet as a tool for designing the optical pen logo is much easier to fit between the fingers in terms of appearance than the mouse, and unlike the mouse is sensitive to hand pressure, which makes the optical pen a good tool for applications such as industrial design. , Graphic and animation design, e-learning, office automation and so on.

Optical pens often have keys that can easily perform right-click or left-click operations.

Drawing with a light pen is similar to drawing on paper, except that you have more freedom in choosing the tools and colours.

Herman Miller Aeron chair
In the following list of tools needed for logo design, it should be said that spine health is a very important principle that is completely related to the quality of their chairs graphic designers. Designers are more at risk than others because they spend a lot of time behind their desks.

Therefore, choosing a standard and suitable table and chairs is very important. It is better for designers to use chairs that are designed based on the ergonomics of the body.

In this regard, many brands have produced office and medical chairs that can be very good choices for designers.

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