A good logo requires both a professional designer and a professional-client

Suppose you start your own business and you are looking for a designer or collection to whom you can safely leave your logo design. You know that the logo is one of the most important tools to introduce you. One of the most important ways to convey your brand message to the customer. So having a good logo in the first place, in addition to needing a good designer, requires a professional-client. We have dedicated this article to the points that you must observe before ordering the logo, so stay tuned to Rozarang.

Before ordering the logo, let’s know that…
You know the importance of a good logo, but you probably do not know how to order a logo. You also do not know what your logo needs to be in order to be targeted. Who should you order your logo from? What should you pay attention to when ordering? These are all questions that, knowing them, will dramatically increase the quality of your logo. In this article, we are going to talk about the necessary points before ordering a logo.

Both the designer and the client should read this article
This content is one of those that bloom when the customer sees it. Instead, the designer closes the page after reading the content. There is one very subtle point in this possible move by designers that is well worth mentioning. A professionally designed designer is more eager to read this text than the client. After all, it is up to the business owner to design and order the logo for their product in the number of fingers; This is while Mr. Tarah’s encounter with different customers and designing different logos will have a long life and there is no limit.

In addition to a very good designer, the logo also needs a knowledgeable customer.

As a result, the professionally designed design pays close attention to all the important points of order delivery before telling the customer the details.

The right mindset for the customer
There are many important factors to consider before ordering a logo. The brand owner must make the right decisions about these criteria. They also need to know enough about themselves and their organizational strategies. These are the basics of your brand identity. It is true that the logo is part of your branding activity, but it is very important and significant because the essence of your brand is sprayed on the logo. Here are the questions that need to occupy the mind of the customer to get a decent answer;

It is very important and significant because the extract of your brand is dripped in the logo.

Understand why you need a logo?

  • What is the identity of your winner?
  • What design is best for your brand?
  • What inspires you to start designing your logo?
  • What is the position of your competitors?
  • What strengths do you have over your competitors?
  • What is the best design style for your logo?
  • What colour did you choose for the logo design?
  • Does your logo fit your brand?
  • What design is right for you?
  • And…

What processes must be followed before ordering the brandLogo design has three stages. The first step is to acquire knowledge and the second step is to understand the logo ordering process. The last step is related to execution.

But each of these steps has sub-categories that we will mention below

Get basic information about the business
Detailed and specialized market research
Examine the exact status of competitors and their social status
Read information and draw conclusions

Understand the logo ordering process:
1. Consumers’ views on your product and similar products are very important.
2. Write a brand strategy and an engaging summary of brand activities
3. Consolidate the boundaries of the brand position
4. Performance
5. Complete the book brand
6. Choice of design identity
7. Choose colours
8. Logo design

Doubt if the person or company designing your brand logo does not have research on your business and scope. Most likely, this designer does not know the basics of being a professional and does not have enough experience to work.

A well-skilled designer first spends time researching the details of the brand to come up with a creative and innovative idea.

You will be surprised to learn about the very high number of customers who have been harmed by these unprofessional designers. Start-ups that outsourced their logo design to non-specialist companies and received logos that may have caused one or more of the following problems.

The designed logo had nothing to do with the brand personality and identity.
The designed logo was quite similar to the logo of competitors in the market.
Use the logo before registering it as a trademark of your business and create legal issues related to this event.
A logo design that not only had no appeal in appearance but also conveys a sense of despair.

Who should we order the logo from?
Experts are not few, but start-ups generally do not have the budget to get great services. In these cases, it is necessary to look for good designers who are able to portray their brand identity and work well within the budget. These are the limitations that make the choice a little difficult. Accordingly, the best thing to do here is to research and choose a design that accepts all your conditions and at the same time delivers a good and appropriate design to you.

To select these items, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points before concluding the contract.

1. Make sure the digital marketing company you are ordering your logo from has enough experience.
2. Find out how many years the company has been active in the job market.
3. Research the company’s graphic designers.
4. Measure the popularity of the company and its designers among the people.
5. Ask for feedback from old customers of the company and check their opinion about the quality of the company’s services.
6. Check out the first and latest project work of the company’s designers.
7. Ask if the company is assigning a team or a designer to design your work.

Highlight these two points!
Ask the designer to design a simple and memorable logo for you. The simpler your logo, the easier it is for people to connect with it and introduce it to others. Also, simple logos for printing in very small dimensions do not become a problem. Complex logos, on the other hand, lose their detail when printed in small dimensions and lose their logo sharpness.

Emphasize the designer to be very careful in choosing the color. The color chosen should suit your business. Also note that the logo should be used in different spaces. As a result, emphasize to the designer to choose colors that look good and beautiful on sites with white and black backgrounds.

Before ordering, contract with the designer to deliver the logo file in vector format. The only format whose quality does not change in size changes is vector. So pay attention to this point.

A question that may arise for you as well;
You might ask, what is the normal or average price of ordering a logo? I must say in one word we do not know.

The price of a logo design depends on many factors. As a result, not only can no one tell you the price of a logo design. But the problem that probably all marketing professionals agree on is that you will pay for the cost of designing your logo and visual identity. In fact, there is no cost to graphic design, but it is all an investment. This will make your business grow and become more profitable in the future. But if you still insist on knowing the price range, I must inform you that the price of logo design in our country starts from 5 thousand tomans and varies up to 50 million tomans. Also outside of Iran, it can change from $ 10 to $ 120,000.

Ordering a logo may seem simple, but a large percentage of the final result and design of the logo depends on this factor. To have a very good logo, you need to pay attention to the important points of ordering the logo.

Choosing a suitable and simple design and style, choosing a design that can handle the design of your logo, and the like, are details that have a great impact on the final formation of your logo.

As a result, you take the first step to having your own professional logo. Taking a firm step in ordering a logo will show itself somewhere in the final design of your logo. Also, ordering the logo without knowledge and paying attention to the said points will leave its mark on your final logo. Now you are the one who consciously chooses to have a first-class and special logo or an ordinary and non-permanent logo!

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