Logo-Design Brief

You can put your brand name in. Example: McDonald's
Please, choose at least 1 item even if you are not sure if it is suitable for your business.
Example: McDonald's, The brand name comes from the name of the brand founder.
Example: Nike – Just Do It.
Examples don’t have to be specific to your industry… as long as the examples convey a look and feel that you like, it will suffice. Also, the more detail the better. For example, “on site A we like the layout but don’t like the colors, on Site B we like the the overall look but we don’t like the layout”… at minimum if you could provide 1 thing you like and 1 thing you dislike about the samples, that would be great. More would be even better.
It’s a good idea to think about not just where you will be using your logo, but what you might want to use it on in the future also. The more specifications you can give me the more effective the design will be.
All packages include combinations of brand name and tagline, source of Adobe Illustrator (.ai file), high-resolution transparency file (.png), vector file (.pdf .eps)
A brand book is a guide that ensures consistent use of a company's brand elements across all channels and touchpoints. It includes guidelines for using visual and verbal elements and is essential for maintaining brand integrity and effective communication.
A slogan is a short, catchy phrase used to promote a brand, product, or service, create a memorable and emotional connection, and convey the brand's unique selling proposition.
Including 1 revision, jpg mock up, vector print file delivery.
An animated logo is a version of a company or brand's logo that incorporates movement and visual effects in 3-5-second video formats, often used in websites and other digital media to grab attention, create a memorable brand identity, and communicate a brand's message dynamically and engagingly.
A social media template file is a pre-designed file that can be used as a starting point to create social media content, such as posts, stories, or advertisements, containing the brand's colours, fonts, graphics, and other elements.
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